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About us

Back in 2017 Matryoshka began as a R&D start-up company that specialized in development of innovative technological processes, which would bring added values to customers and have positive environmental impact. The company was founded in Skopje, North Macedonia where the first successful technological process, later applied in the food technology industry was developed. In the end of 2018 Matryoshka opened a subsidiary company in Coventry, United Kingdom. With the help from Warwick Enterprise and the University of Warwick, the company managed to develop its’ second technological process related to circular economy and environmental protection. In March 2019 Matryoshka managed to obtain its’ first grant from the Funds of Innovation and Technological development that helped the company to adapt the developed technological processes and design its’ first product in the food and beverage industry – wine ice-cream. With the help from the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development Matryoshka further managed to open, fully equip and put into operation a food and beverage R&D laboratory.
In the middle of 2019, the company managed to obtain further seed funding for development of second product in the environmental and food additive fields.  Besides R&D activities and prototype development, these funds helped the company to start with the next step, design of manufacturing plant for commercialization of its’ innovative food technology products. In December 2019, the founder of Matryoshka won an award, which will be used for further R&D activities on ways to contribute towards positive environmental impact via development of innovative technological processes for final consumers.
In 2020 the founder created its' second company - WISE Group Ltd., which specializes in production of multifunctional grape pomace additive by using the circular economy model. Moreover, in 2020 WISE Group won grant from The Fund of Innovations and Technology Development, as well as an award from ARNO.
Although separate entities, Matryoshka and WISE Group are closely interrelated companies, both sharing same resources and aiming towards the same goal - development of innovative food products, through design of disruptive food technology processes.
As soon as the company started its’ R&D activities in North Macedonia, Matryoshka spotted a gap in the market and need for building and strengthening capacities for SMEs and NGOs focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and improving the environment. As such, in 2019 the company started offering consulting services to SMEs, inspiring individuals and NGOs in the targeted fields, in order to increase the number of innovations within SMEs help them stimulate growth, embrace their ideas and turn them into action and find ways to have positive impact on the environment. Moreover, the company provides free consulting sessions to young inspiring individuals, as Matryoshka strongly believes they are the future leaders shaping all main aspects of the society.

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We want to help SMEs and NGOs to embrace their potential in terms of innovation, internal and external growth, management and fundraising. Our company has designed a special 3I model (innovation, intrapreneurship, impact) in order help entities achieve best results.


Matryoshka conducts its' R&D activities in its' own laboratory in Skopje, North Macedonia, as well as in Coventry, United Kingdom. The company is supported by Warwick Enterprise and Warwick Science Park (Business Ready Programme).


Matryoshka has adopted the R&D technological processes in the food and beverage industry, resulting in successful prototype development of two products: wine ice-cream and natural multi-functional food additive. In 2019 Matryoshka went a step forward and started its' own manufacturing plant.

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