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Matryoshka enables entities to transform their organization and improve performance. We aim to empower our clients to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics. Disruption is not new, but the pace of change is. The fourth industrial revolution is forcing businesses to rethink everything they know. At our company collaboration is central to the way we do business. We value genuine, innovative and scalable organizations, that have the potential to shape the future. We are focused in three main areas: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Environment. If you are a for profit or non profit organization, with competitive idea and need help to grow, access finance or access domestic or international markets do not hesitate to get in touch and have a free consultation session.

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At our company, we value innovation. In order to help innovative SMEs overcome obstacles and reach steady growth and sustainability, we have developed the Collaboration for Equity model (CFE). If you believe you are innovative start-up, in at least proof of concept phase, we could support you with access to finance, markets, mentoring and expertise for free.

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Matryoshka wants to redefine entrepreneurship, to be associated with not just starting a business, but as a competence that can be learned and applied – everywhere. We believe that every organization needs to be entrepreneurial, in order to maintain competitive and maintain a steady growth. Our experts offer consulting and training services to all organizations, thus improving their main assets – people. People matter, results count.

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We believe that a healthy environment is critical to a successful organization. We strongly support for and non-for-profit entities that have environmental projects. Matryoshka has expertise in the fields of circular economy, waste management and waste valorization. We offer production of environment elaborates, fundraising opportunities and can also help you in the process of project implementation.

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