WICE represents a new way of wine consumption, in the form of an ice-cream. The innovation comes in the technological process of increasing the low freezing point of wine from -18 °C to 0°C, thus making it possible to freeze in the basic ice-cream mixture and development of ice-cream with up to 13.5% wine alcohol per 150ml unit, which has equivalent effect as drinking a glass of wine...but tastes better!

Flavor varieties

At the moment, Matryoshka has successfully developed two flavors: Riesling Sparkle and Strawberry Chardonnay. Moreover, each product comes in three ABV varieties including: 4.99%, 7.5% and 13.5% wine alcohol per 150ml unit. Matryoshka cares for the health of our clients, which is why all our ice-creams are made by using organic and natural ingredients. Additional added value is the fact that all our ice-creams have high % of antioxidants and use natural sweeteners  that decrease the number of calories.

Trio of Ice Cream


At the beginning of 2020 Matryoshka managed to obtain its' first investment round. These funds helped the company to build its' own manufacturing plant, meaning that all our ice-creams will be produced in-house and with highest quality.

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