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Innovation in SMEs

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Collaboration for Equity model

At Matryoshka we value innovation and tend to help disruptive companies to undertake their business to the next level. As we understand that financial struggles are often a problem for turning your idea to reality, Matryoshka has designed the Collaboration for Equity (CFE) model, meaning that companies can get help with mentoring, access to finance and market entry in return for part of their equity. If you believe your idea is genuine, please get in touch and some of our experts will contact you shortly.

Access to finance

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Matryoshka has a strong network and expertise in various methods of fundraising, including writing project proposals, design of crowdfunding campaigns, debt and grant financing and much more. If you want to know and expand your financing opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us.

Access to markets

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

Mentoring services

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Matryoshka, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Innovation in SMEs: Services
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