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Entrepreneurship: Services

Funding opportunities

Matryoshka helps for-profit and non-profit organisations in the process of obtaining funding in order to achieve their goals and objectives easier. Our company has experience in writing project proposals for grants by domestic and foreign donors, design of crowdfunding campaigns and design of tailored fund-raising strategies.

Trainings and workshops

Matryoshka offers training and workshops to both for profit and non-profit organisations in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial culture in the society and contribute to sustainable economic growth. Our experts have designed a number of business models that help in the process of re-defining entrepreneurship and making it associated with not just starting a business, but as a competence that can be learned and applied everywhere.

Capacity building

We offer mentoring services from a pool of experts, that have high experience in innovation, company management, project implementation, environment and corporate social responsibility. If your company is experiencing issues with growth, liquidity or sustainability let us know and we will guide you to the best way to either cut your costs or increase your profits.

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