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Research & Development

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Matryoshka's R&D

Matryoshka's R&D activities are the foundation upon which the company was built. In 2017 Matryoshka began as a start-up for development of innovative technological processes in the food and beverage industry. Within two years and help from a grant obtained by the Fund of Innovations and Technological Development the company managed to open and fully equip its' own laboratory for conducting R&D activities in the food and beverage industry. 

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Fully equipped R&D food and beverage laboratory

Our food and beverage R&D laboratory is located in the heart of Skopje, N. Macedonia. The R&D laboratory is where all technological process of Matryoshka are developed. At the moment, the company has fully developed two technological processes including:

• Increasing the freezing point of alcohol from -30°C to 0°C, a technological process that can be used in multiple industries (food and beverage industry, health industry);
• Valorization of wine by-product (grape pomace) and analysis of the different health benefits that the processed grape pomace will have when used as a supplement in products from the food industry.

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Working Together
Image by Omar Flores

Further support from Warwick Enterprise

Matryoshka has a subsidary company formed in Coventry, United Kingdom. The subsidary company is contributing towards further R&D activities in order to design best technological processes that will give added value to customers and have positive environmental impact. Moreover, the subsidary company is mainly used for establishing connections and entering the UK market.

Research & Development: Projects
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